High Flight Film Teaser

High Flight by Pilot Officer John Magee

The words of the poem High Flight penned by John Gillespie Magee Jnr are a legacy that continues to comfort and hearten generations. Celebrated by dreamers, aviators, astronauts, cloud watchers and anyone in search of hope.

Posted by British Film Company on Thursday, 28 May 2020

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with Roger Cole to publish his book ‘High Flight – The Life and Poetry of Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee’. John was a Spitfire pilot during the second world war and author of the famous poem High Flight (‘Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth …) The British Film Company are currently working on adapting the book as a feature film and have just released this wonderful presentation of the poem. I suggest a big screen and sound up!

Fighting High are releasing a paperback of High Flight on the 10th June and you can pre-order author signed copies via ‘High Flight’ is also available as an ebook, with links to sellers via

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