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Someone to Watch Over Him

On 20th November I received an email that made me a bit emotional. But if I may also self-indulge, it also made me very proud of what I do. Thank you Brenda, I have let George know! We Will Remember Them.

Dear Sir/Madam.

My name is Brenda J Cogswell and I live in Eccles Greater Manchester. In September I visited Duxford Air show and met George Dunn and after a short chat I bought his book, ( which he signed for me) .

I started reading the book two weeks ago and was flabbergasted when I got to chapter six, George’s rear gunner Cyril is buried not 10 mins drive from my home .

I went to the cemetery this morning and he is almost one row behind my family grave.

I left some flowers and a poppy cross and will now ” look after” and visit his grave on a regular basis .

Would it be possible to let George Dunn know that although Cyril is far from home, he has someone to watch over him.

I am a volunteer at the IWM North so have a particular interest in military history.

I really enjoyed reading RESOLUTE.

Yours Sincerely

Brenda J Cogswell

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