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Their Finest Hour would like to thank the following organisations for their support in staging our show.

A special thank you to Sean Strange for his excellent photographs taken during the rehearsal process for our March 2023 run. Sean Strange Photography

Fighting High Publishing. Many of the characters who feature in Their Finest Hour have had their stories published by Fighting High. Further details of their books can be found here

We would like to thank Gerald Armin and Waterloo East Theatre for hosting the March 2023 run of our show

Thank you to South Hill Park for their assistance in staging the first runs of our show and for subsequent support.

Thank you to Grub Street publishing for permission to quote from Ken Rees’ book ‘Lie in the Dark and Listen’. Ken’s and other excellent Second World War books can be found on

Thank you to The Arts Centre Hounslow for providing us with our rehearsal space

Photos of our Bracknell shows, which feature on this site and our posters are courtesy of the brilliant Savannah Photographic

fly2help is a charity dedicated to changing lives using the power and wonder of flight.